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EasyTexels - Pure New Zealand Texels

  EasyTexels were established in 2011 when we imported 10 ewes and 3 rams directly from New Zealand. Our ram sales have rapidly increased so that we are currently selling over 150 NZ Texel and Sufftex T ram lambs and shearling rams. Our Texel flock currently comprises of 300 ewes.


New Zealand Texels are renowned for their maternal abilities and great lamb survivability particularly under harsh outdoor lambing conditions making them a key part of most modern composites. Their very high ranking for rapid growth and meat yield mean that they are a true dual purpose breed.

  • Easy Lambing Due to wide pelvis and wedge shape
  • Great Mothering Strong maternal instincts for outdoor lambing
  • Great Foragers Maintain good BCS on minimal inputs
  • Reduced Disease Particularly Footrot, Mastitis and Worm burden
  • Easily Managed Quiet easy worked ewes
  • Great Crossing Tups Ideal to use on all UK hill and Lowland breeds



  • Great Growth off Grass Outstanding Performance of Grass.
  • Easily Finished Lambs Quick finishing off grass breeds
  • High Meat Yield Most rams are double Myomax carriers
  • Easily born lambs Wedge shaped with fine shoulders
  • Great Survivability From Scanning to Weaning



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