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  Sufftex is rapidly becoming the most popular terminal sire in New Zealand. By carefully combing selected New Zealand Suffolk and Texel blood lines we are able to produce sheep that combine the best qualities of both breeds with the extra health and vigour benefits associated with hybrid vigour.

Easyram Sufftex Rams are bred totally from New Zealand genetics and and our first Sufftex lambs were born in 2009 when we used NZ Texel semen on some of our pure NZ Suffolk ewes . We produce 2 types of Sufftex – the Sufftex S , which generally has more Suffolk typically 75% to 90% and the Sufftex T which has ma preponderance of Texel genetics.


The majority of our Sufftex S Rams have 75%/85% Suffolk in them. They have slightly brown as opposed to black faces. Their extra shape makes them an ideal ram to use on mule type ewes and the inclusion of Texel increases their worm resistance and improves their ability to maintain BCS throughout the year. If used on a white faced ewe such as Welsh, Lleyn or Cheviot they may have slightly brown as opposed to black markings associated with a pure Suffolk X lamb. A 50/50 Sufftex S will normally sire a white faced lamb out of a white faced ewe.


These have been bred by putting our pure NZ Texel Rams onto NZ Sufftex S ewes. The Sufftex T rams we sell are 85% - 95% Texel. They look similar to our pure EasyTexels but have slightly grey markings on their faces and may be slightly longer and larger than a pure EasyTexel. Their lambs will always have the markings of a Texel X lamb.


Sufftex S and T Rams combine the best of both their parents and sire very quick growing meaty lambs that are finished very easily. They are widely used on all ewes and are particularly popular on mule type ewes. Most Sufftex S carry 1 copy of the Myomax genes and many Sufftex T rams carry 2 copies.

    Thank you for taking the time read about EasySufftex, we hope this has answered any questions you may have, if however you still have questions that are un-answered then please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards
Robyn, Philippa, Nick and James Hulme
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