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EasyRam Sales Format



In 2017 we will have 300 Shearling rams and at least 150 ram lambs. These are split equally between Suffolks Texels and Sufftexes.



  Premium Elite Super Elite
EasySuffolks £700 £750 £800/£850
EasySufftex S £700 £750 £800/£850
EasyTexels £750 £800 £850
EasySufftex £700 £750 £800/£850
Romtex £600    


EasySuffolks £600 £650 £700
EasySufftex S £600 £650 £700
EasyTexels £650 £700 £750
EasySufftex £600 £650 £700
Romtex £500    

NEW FOR 2017:

MeatEasy Ram Lambs £600 £650 £700
EasyTexel "Plus" £600 £650 £700

If you are a ram breeder
as opposed to a commercial sheep farmer then any rams will be priced on a different and individual basis. For further information please contact us direct.

All sales are ex farm. No EasyRams are ever sold in a public market.

Sales commence from June 1st but reservations can be taken throughout the year

“First come first served” The earlier you choose the bigger the choice

Reservations: If you do not wish to come to the farm to select your own ram we can send photos and or Performance Data and or select on your behalf.

Once selected and paid for “your” ram(s) will be set aside until you take delivery.

All rams must be away by 31 Oct in any year.


We will again be delivering our rams throughout the UK at a cost of £26/hd + VAT. As ever we hope to be better organised than last year and would ask that we are met whenever possible at central locations (normally on or near a Motorway or Major Road). We will deliver to the South West from early August and to the rest of the UK from early September.


We regularly sell rams to the North and South of Ireland. The prices are as indicated above but will attract a premium to cover part of the veterinary cost involved in the export. We will do all the necessary paperwork deliver to a haulier located near to an export port ( normally Stranraer ) who will be making regular trips to the North and South of Ireland. These hauliers will deliver to all parts of Ireland at very realistic rates. Europe. We are fully able to meet all EU Health export requirements and regularly export to all parts of Europe. We will have Suffolk Texel and Sufftex rams eligible for export throughout Europe


Semen and embryos can be exported throughout Europe and to many other parts of the world. Please contact us with your specific requirements


The Performance Data of our sale sheep can be found on the Basco Database. We will also make availabl the SIL figs for all our Shearling and Ram lambs and in Particular their Terminal and Dual Purpose (maternal) indexes. For this or other information please contact us direct


We are able and willing to sell pure NZ semen and embryos from all our breeds throughout Europe and to many other parts of the world. Please contact us with the details of your specific requirements.

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